In salvation man is born again and fellowship is restored with God through Jesus Christ. When Jesus died on the cross he bore all the pain in your soul, your difficult memories and your guilt. In His wounds there is healing and restoration for your whole soul; thoughts, will and emotions. Your soul is precious and Jesus wants to be the Shepherd of your soul.

This book is directed towards both people who need healing and those who want to minister to others in this area. You will receive a deeper understanding about the significance of Jesus’ work of reconciliation on the cross. The healing of the soul is described in a very detailed way. The emphasis is on intercession through the laying on of hands with the possibility of opening your heart to God.

The book contains subjects like:
Healing of the soul through Jesus’ work of reconciliation
The healing of the thoughts, will and emotions
What is the laying on of hands?
What do we do with our past?
Healing of the memories
Maintaining and reinforcing your healing
How is a counseling session organized