Paul says in the Bible that he forgets what is behind and reaches forth unto those things which are before. One can forget his/her past in a wrong sense,
which as a result gives us a rucksack, which hinders us from running at full speed into the future. Both the maturity and the sanctification process become stagnant due to such a type of forgetting. One can also forget his/her past in a right way, and reconcile the past with God. This can happen when one receives his/her healing and restoration by faith, even for things that are far back in the past. Healing of your past is God’s gift given to you.

In this book you will meet Paul, and see the fruit of his reconciled past. From a state of being hard, distanced and full of legalism, he became warm hearted and mild, with deep compassion and interest in other people`s lives. He could express his emotions, he was open and easy to approach, at the same time as he was focused, aware of his calling, with a devoted and deep love to Jesus. At the end of the book you will also read testimonies from people who
have reconciled their past with God, people who have been touched by the love of God to healing, deliverance and restoration.

Questions answered in the book
• Does Jesus care about the past?
• Is the past there even after salvation?
• Was God there in the past?
• Is healing of the past the consequence of Jesus´ death on the cross?
• How can one reconcile the past with God?
• How can one take responsibility for the past?
• How does the fruit of a reconciled past look?
• How do I know if I need healing of my past?