Mission trip to the Philippines 2023

In March a big team from Arken Church is going to the Philippines to spread the name of Jesus!

Pastor Linda Bergling together with a team from Arken Church is going to visit the Philippines in March 2023. They will visit Cebu, Manila, Olongapo and Dawahon. In total the team will be there around three weeks, so they have prepared a big program!

In Cebu they will preach, teach and serve in first a pastors conference, and then a youth conference. They have invited and sponsored trips for leaders and pastors from different Churches and Islands so that they could visit the pastors conference and be touched by Jesus. Also there are many families that live in big poverty, that are living among lots of trash. They collect trash for to hopefully sell some of it.

The team will serve them by giving them food and also telling them about Christ Jesus. Also families that live on a graveyard will be served by the team with the same. In Arken Church, spreading the Gospel and being Jesus’s hands always goes together.

The team from Arken Church also prepared some dances, acting and worship songs so that they can reach everyone with the Gospel without knowing different languages.

There is also a clinique close to these people that gives free healthcare for even the poorest. Arken Church was with them from the start and are still sponsoring them, and they will also visit them this time.

In Olongapo they will serve women that once were prostitutes but now are disciples of Jesus Christ. The team will teach them about the love of God and pray for them. Arken Church sponsors a new house that the women and their kids could live in for free, get food, education and also Bible school.

The team from Arken Church will also preach on the streets and bars to the prostituted women that are still not saved, and also the lost men. Pray for them that the Lord will use them mightily in their service for Him!

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Pastor Linda Bergling 75 years.

Faithfully and wholeheartedly Linda Bergling has served in full time ministry for God in 50 years, training leaders, pastors, intercessors and congregation members in the Biblical Healing ministry. She has given her life to serve the Lord, not with human wisdom but through the power from Jesus Christ and in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

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