Linda Bergling has written this book about physical healing eagerly awaited by many. It is meant for those who want to feel physically well and need healing. It is also directed to people that want to minister in healing and to those that just want to know more about what the Bible says on the subject.

When Jesus died on the cross He reconciled the world to God and carried our sicknesses. That is why we have the right to be healthy. There is now healing for the sick.

Linda Bergling describes how you can get to know Jesus as your healer, and begin to move towards health. She also describes how you can daily receive physical strength and refreshment. You will get advice and help on how to put the Bible into practice and find solutions from God.
Linda Bergling describes how Jesus healed and treated people. We need to follow His example when we are serving and ministering to people.

This book answers questions like: Can sickness glorify God? Is God against medicine?
Does God want to heal everybody? What are the obstacles to healing? It also tells you how to receive healing and maintain it.