We offer the opportunity to study at our Bible school on distance with interpretation in English during the study year 2023/2024!

Arken Church would like to give you the chance to attend our Bible school “Jesus Heals and Restores” ONLINE, starting in September 2023. Receive Your own  healing at the feet of Jesus Christ and be equipped to minister to others in the Biblical healing ministry.

Send your expression of interest today for further information!

The Arken Church is a nondenominational Christian congregation where the love for Jesus is at the center. The church was founded in 1986 by its pastors Gunnar Bergling and Linda Bergling. Arken is a local church just outside of Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city, and has a diversity of ministry branches.

Furthermore, the Arken church is a center for education, leadership training and missions into many parts of the world.

Inner healing and passing it on in ministry

In this Bible-school you will have plenty of time for your soul to heal. I have experienced that Jesus is the one who can heal me, set me free and make me righteous. When I myself have been touched by the goodness of Jesus, it is easy for me to pass it on to others.

Elin Maröy
Year 1, distance student at JHR from Norway

The best thing that has happened to me

Inner wounds have been healed, improper ties and bindings have been broken, and relationships have been established. My faith and my prayer life have been completely transformed. I can truly recommend the Jesus Heals and Restores Bible-school!

June Ramsö
Year 1, JHR bible-school

Distance Bible-school

JHR Bible-school online has given me an oppurtunity to go to bibleschool at the same time as I work as a farmer. I have been thouroughly established in the truth that I have become righteous in Jesus. I am delighted to be living the naturally supernatural life more and more abundantly.

Jan Solberg
Year 1, distance student at JHR from Norway

”You feel surronded by love”

Everyday I feel joy over the fact that it is another school day. You feel totally surronded by love.

The day begins with glorius praise to God and quite often at the end of the day our teachers pray for half an hour and bless us.

The teachers are outstanding and will happily tell you how Jesus changed their lives.

This bibleschool is focused on creating change in your soul. You get personal prayer and chances for induvidiall conversetions. The teaching is biblical.

I think this school is excellent and I would recommend it for everyone.

Finn Laurits Dybvik
Year 1, distance student at JHR from Norway